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Tree Service of Roanoke, VA is an established Tree Services Company based in Roanoke with services extending into Roanoke, Lynchburg, Blacksburg, Salem and the surrounding areas of Virginia. We take great pride in the quality of service we offer in doing the work personally. We have all the personnel and equipment we need and do not hire resources from outside companies. We are proud of our Team. We always strive to do honest work, because at the end of the day, it’s really all about providing protection for your trees, to you, and also maintaining the well-earned reputation of our company. A not so surprising fact: WE LOVE TREES!!!

One of Mother Nature’s first gifts to the world, we appreciate their value and take great pride in working with all of your Tree Care needs. All that being said however, we at Tree Service of Roanoke are not naive to the danger that trees pose. These dangers are one of the primary reasons we exist in the first place, and thus we help to keep them in check. We also offer Tree Pruning, Tree Trimming; we are also skilled at Removing Tree Stumps, Tree Removal, and Stump Grinding. When needed we also offer an Emergency Tree Removal service. Tree Service of Roanoke is a licensed and insured company, a true force of nature (pun intended).

The main goal of every business is to make sure customer satisfaction is maximizing However, we take this up a notch by undertaking a full and in-depth research and examination of the work before we begin so we can avoid any mistakes or disrupt you and your family. Our well trained team is experienced in all areas of Tree Care, Tree Pruning, Tree Trimming, Tree Removal and Stump Grinding which are all carried out with experience and confidence. Also, we offer consulting and Free Quotes to help gather and supply necessary information on your job, making sure to avoid any risks pertaining to the task. This goes a long way toward giving you peace of mind and establishing a trust with the Tree Service of Roanoke for any down the line tree-related needs while not being concerned about insurance or safety, yours or ours.

We look forward to providing you the highest satisfaction working with you, your family and your property for all your tree care needs.

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Our Services

Tree Removal Roanoke

Tree Removal

A complicated and complex task but our workers are fully trained and well equipped to perform this task professionally providing full safety to your houses.

Stump Removal

A very difficult task in the process of tree removal activity and requires professional training to perform it. We guarantee to provide you the experts who will efficiently perform the step of stump removal as it’s a capable step in plantation of trees and gardening.

Tree Fallen on Car

Emergency Tree Removal

Trees are uprooted or get broken down due extreme weather and heavy storm which often cause destruction and damage houses. No matter how the situation is, we will provide you our services ay time of the day.

Man Cutting and trimming Tree Trimming and Cutting

Tree Trimming & Cutting

Tree Trimming is the most technical and complex task to perform and requires great attention and care. It is performed not just to bring out the beauty of the trees but it also helps in the growth of trees. We are available 24/7 for our services. Just give us a call.

Why Choose Tree Service of Roanoke, VA?

Because Tree Service of Roanoke, VA offers Professional and Affordable services. We know that not only Quality but price is important to our customers, we offer both high quality and excellent pricing for our work. All of our tree services at the best possible rate. Not only do we want to be the most affordable tree service, we want to be the best at performing the tree service you hired us to do. All of our tree removal, stump removal, emergency tree removal, tree trimming and cutting come with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

We provide an efficient and professional service in Roanoke area and our workers are fully trained and capable of performing any tasks related to trees. Whether you want cutting or trimming of trees or you want stump removal; call us anytime you need and we will be there for you.

We take our reputation seriously. We work hard on each and every tree removal job to make sure our customers get the results they expect, in a realistic time frame.


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