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Tree Service of Roanoke, VA, was properly established in 2004. Roanoke tree service is typically providing specialized complete tree services in Roanoke, Lynchburg, Blacksburg, Salem, and the surrounding areas of Virginia. Our team professionals takes great pride in doing work by themselves and providing quality services to worthy clients. We offer complete tree service with modern equipment to make Roanoke greener and safer. Our proud team always strives to provide the customers with the best service, because at the end of the day, its all about customer satisfaction and a happy long term relation.Our tree company is striving hard to provide all tree solutions to its customers with high quality and at reasonable rates. Our company has a well-maintained reputation in the industry.

If you want to know more about the tree cutting or want to avail emergency service, Contact Us or call at 540-208-0185. Our team of professionals is available 24/7 to provide services.

Our Services

Tree Removal using mechanical saw

Tree Removal

A complex task, but our workers are thoroughly trained and equipped to perform this task professionally, providing full safety to your houses. Tree Service Roanoke, Virginia, has the latest machinery to work on the projects.

Stump Grinder

An extremely challenging task in the process of tree removal activity and requires appropriately trained to perform it. Tree Service Roanoke guarantees to provide to you the professionals who will efficiently perform the step of stump removal as it’s a capable step in a plantation of trees and gardens.

Emergency tree removal picture

Emergency Tree Removal

A Storm and severe weather sometime cause massive destruction to the roads and houses. Tree service Roanoke is one of kind company that provides complete service to you regardless of the severe weather and time.

Tree Trimming & Cutting

A Tree Trimming is the most technical and complex task to perform and requires great attention and care. It is performed not just to out the beauty of the trees, but it also helps in the growth of trees. Tree Service Roanoke team is available 24/7 to serve you. Just give us a call.

Tree Service Roanoke VA

Why Choose Us

To provide complete tree service, we hire professional individuals who like to take pride in their tree removal work in the most positive manner. You can expect us to arrive on time and be prepared to work. Tree Service Roanoke, Virginia’s commitment is to care about the customer’s experience, and we strive to provide complete solutions.

To keep prices competitive, we survey our market continuously. Upon Calling Tree Service Roanoke, VA, you can expect to get the most affordable prices. With vast experience in the business of Tree Service and with a qualified team efficiently carrying out your work, we can help you in saving money.

We care for worthy customers and try our best to achieve 100% customer satisfaction level. To provide affordable services exactly matched with the need of a customer, we work closely with the customers. To exceed customer expectations in providing complete tree service is our primary goal.

Our team has immense experience in the tree removal services industry. We had gone through many grueling projects successfully with our team colossal experience. You can trust us with your tree work, our experts are qualified and always come up with the best solution. Our professionals are experts in analyzing tree health and can alert you about the potential threats they can cause.

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Tree Service of Roanoke is Listed on Yelp.


Tree Service of Roanoke is Listed on Yelp.


Tree Service of Roanoke is Listed on Yelp.

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